Springtime Bloom

Carla Delos Reyes

| Layered Top – From Japan | Skater Skirt – Bureau Manila | Socks – Terranova | Suede Shoes – From Singapore | Bag – Esprit | Arm Band – Thrifted |

Compared to my previous outfit post (“Wearin a High Low”), this one is pretty much lighter in mood and color! Reminds me of full bloom in springtime – fresh and free. My photos, too, were surprisingly jovial and effortlessly moving! I was turning and running around while shooting, and my clothes were flowing around me. Wish I could be as carefree and young as this forever!

Carla Delos ReyesCarla Delos Reyes

This layered top is a pasalubong from my tita when she visited Japan last year, which is why the design is very much Japanese – oversized layers and hanging shoulders and all that. Aside from the lacey undershirt, I also love its cute flowery details. They look so feminine and kind of handpainted. Sweet, right?

Tops like these surprise me at times. They’re so huge but they seem to complement girls even with petite figures and not make them look like walking sticks. Good thing, or else I might’ve looked like one! Haha.Carla Delos Reyes

Thank you Bureau Manila for my black skater skirt! It’s my second time posting a look wearing one, and I enjoyed it both times! Definitely a versatile piece of clothing. I could wear it with almost anything. I’ve tried pairing it with a tucked-in muscle tee, and this time with a layered top, so maybe next time I’ll try sweatshirts instead. Although I think it won’t be so soon – the Philippines has been quite a huge sauna these days, hehe!

I got this skater skirt with for a really reasonable price. Check out Bureau Manila for other awesome finds! The owner is a friend of mine, and she just started selling online so please like and share her page if you have time!

Carla Delos Reyes Carla Delos Reyes

Love loooove my arm band! It’s so sweetheart-ish in a royal vintagey way. Wanna know what’s cool about it? It’s like those rulers that you have as a kid, the one you snap at your wrists and instantly wrap themselves around you! I don’t have to worry about it falling somewhere. I’ve got two of this, the other one is red but with an equal sense of charm. Will show you guys soon!

Carla Delos Reyes

Suede shoes can be hard to manage and maintain most of the time. They get dirty easily because of the texture and can be a bit tricky to clean, but they serve you well because they look kinda candy-cute, especially those in pastel colors!

Carla Delos Reyes Carla Delos Reyes

This photo below is my favorite from this set. Just because I feel bliss looking at it… like I was a kid again with no care in the world. Ahhhhhhh, happy happy times. :)

Carla Delos Reyes

How do you like my look?

Carla Delos Reyes

Wearin a High Low

Carla Delos Reyes

| High Low Dress – Forever21 | Tights – Terranova | Ankle Boots – Celine | Fedora Hat – SM Accessories | Bag – Terranova | Accessories – Thrifted |

Hola, readers! I’m back with a much edgier, darker, and twistier side of me! Haha I think I may have woken up at a different side of the bed which probably altered my fashion sense juuuuust a little bit. Lol. After trying out skater skirts, here I am trying out high low dresses. Hurrah for experiments! So… How do you like my look?

Carla Delos Reyes Carla Delos Reyes

I never expected high low dresses and maxi skirts to suit my body type – I’m such a petite girl, you see. But recently I was exploring the internet and was looking at fashion inspirations when I came across a fellow blogger who I’m guessing was as petite as I am, and she’s wearing a maxi. I was surprised it looked amazing on her. Other vertically challenged girls would’ve had a difficulty pulling such ensemble. So when I saw this dress at Forever21 SM Aura a few weeks back, I decided to give it a try. Well, turns out it isn’t so bad afterall! In fact, I bought 2 high lows of different styles. Guess I’m adding another variety to my wardrobe soon!

For you girls who were having doubts about high lows, why don’t you give it a shot too? ;)

Carla Delos Reyes

Since my dress is black, I wanted to give it a splash of color by using red in my accessories. Red is a powerful color and it added just the “pop” I wanted. Black and red are usually staple matches anyway. :)

Carla Delos Reyes

With edgy outfit comes edgy accessories, so instead of the beads I usually wear, I opted for a masculine black strap bracelet. Buuut, I still wanted to include a piece of the usual Carla, so I included that one pearly bracelet! Haha

Carla Delos Reyes Carla Delos Reyes

Wore this to an unexpected trip to MOA with family and cousins. And we saw several cute dogs in the vicinity! Didn’t know there was a dog expo in SMX. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos with the fluffy animals! D:Carla Delos Reyes

So what do you think?

Should I stick to my skater skirts or should I wear more of these now? Tell me your opinions! ;)


Shout out to Alshey Micu! If you’re reading this, thanks for the message you sent. You are one of the reasons I continue loving what I do. Miss you!

Happy Father’s Day to all your dads out there!

I, on the other hand, will start prepping up for our Father’s Day celebration. Hehe will keep you guys posted! XX